Translation Services

There is no denying the fact that outsourcing of the translation work can be complicated. However, at the JMS (JabinMultilanguage Solutions) we make it easy, convenient and competitive under the guidance and assistance of our trained staff. To supply quality translation services we firmly observe the code of professional work flow.

We, the JMS,are the most renowned service provider in transcription. There are different usages of this service. We maintain the full work with a perfect mechanism and that makes us special and popular in the industry.

Audio Transcription:

It is the written account of any verbal communication. In this, an audio is transcribed and expressed in the form of documents. While transcribing, one has to take care of different things such as transforming a sound that carries a particular meaning into a written from making sure that the written transcript translates the sound properly. This work requires a set of staff to review the transcript.

Proof reading:

This is the next level of operation that we follow in the case of Transcription Services. Here the written text is matched with the audio and hence proof read. In other words, proof reading makes sure that there is no gap between the audio and the written document.

Quality Control:

This is the most important aspect of audio transcription. Here, the transcription is again verified and adjudged with the audio. After all these steps are taken, it is the time of delivery. The end-result is a perfect document that would make the client happy and satisfied.


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