At Jabin Multilanguage Solutions (JMS), we offer professional language translation services, multilingual typesetting services, audio video transcription services, transcreation, proofreading, editing, multilingual voice over services, content writing, subtitling, plagiarism removal, interpretation services, etc., to our valued clients. With the convenience of placing orders from the comfort of their homes and offices, our clients can rely on our expertise and professionalism in meeting their language-related needs .

We tend to value every interaction we have with a valuable client who seeks language solution or any type of other foregoing services. Besides, we believe in maintaining long lasting relationship with each and every customer with our exact and expert professional solution where we create a crucial and positive difference in the overall language requirements.

We take pride in our hard work and commitment to delivering high-quality services. Our mission is to elevate the standards of our work and the services we offer. We are dedicated to providing the best quality language solutions in numerous languages used worldwide. Our sense of responsibility drives us to serve our customers and engage in business transactions with utmost care.

Our strength lies in our carefully selected staff. We recruit and collaborate with professional language experts who are experienced and well-trained. Additionally, our in-house team members contribute to the quality and efficiency of our services.

About Us

Jabin Multilanguage Solutions is a leading and rapidly growing company based in New Delhi. With over ten years of experience, we have established a strong reputation in the global and local market by providing affordable services. We offer our services in major languages spoken worldwide, as well as numerous regional languages used in India.

The foundation of JMS dates back to May 7, 2006, when a group of dedicated professionals came together to provide quality services to both the Indian and global markets in the fields of translation, desktop publishing (DTP), typesetting, designing, localization, and publishing. Through their nurturing and guidance, the company has flourished and expanded into a multilingual platform catering to both Indian and overseas clients. From day one, JMS has remained focused on its goals and its primary objective of breaking down language barriers. These objectives have propelled JMS to become a leading and fast-growing company in the industry. The founders have shown immense passion and perseverance in achieving milestones while overcoming challenges and obstacles along the way.

At JMS, we have a team of native translators proficient in major languages spoken worldwide, as well as in India. We prioritize confidentiality, accountability, authenticity, and reliability when translating diverse content. To ensure uncompromised quality, we have established our own standards for reviewing and re-evaluating the work performed by our staff.

Our team of designers prepares your materials professionally for printing with quick turnaround times. Our services help create a lasting impression on your target audience. Our trained team possesses expertise in technical nuances of Middle Eastern languages and various formats.

  • We provide comprehensive DTP and translation services, supported by DTP professionals with expertise in a wide range of subjects and special typographical needs. Our advanced typesetting capabilities allow us to deliver electronic files in any format, supporting character-based or alphabet-based languages

  • JMS is highly regarded and respected by our valuable clients worldwide, thanks to the values and ethics we uphold. We have built a global reputation for delivering services quickly, professionally, and accurately.

  • In addition, we offer reliable and cost-effective publishing services, demonstrating our dedication, professionalism, and commitment. Our dedicated team thrives under tight deadlines and ensures your documents are delivered in a ready-to-use format.

  • In summary, JMS covers all aspects of publishing, designing, DTP, and translation, including transportation and shipping.

Jabin Multilanguage Solutions is your go-to partner for professional language services. From accurate translations to visually appealing typesetting, precise transcriptions, and captivating voice-overs, we have the expertise and dedication to meet your language needs. Contact us today and let us help you overcome language barriers and communicate effectively in a globalized world.

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