We have a dedicated team to subtitle any of your video shot in any of the languages. This helps in reaching out to the wider audience. We have different teams to subtitle your video. One team does the subtitling, the other one verifies it and the last one verifies and evaluates the quality. This is how we make sure that our client gets a world-class experience and receives quality services.

Subtitles are captions displayed at the bottom of a cinema or television screen that translate or transcribe the dialogue or narrative.

We can translate your content into multiple languages, taking into account the nuances of each language's grammar and syntax. Our video localization and subtitling service is efficient, affordable, accurate, and fully managed.

Our video localization and subtitling service can help you reach a wider audience.

Our professional subtitling teams will take the time to understand your video content in detail. This ensures that technical terms, location names, and other terms are spelled accurately and consistently. The translations are done by qualified language experts. These experts work closely with the filmmaking and editing teams to ensure that the subtitles are accurate and readable.

File Formats for Subtitles: The file format of the generated subtitles can vary depending on how the final video will be used. Our team is familiar with the different subtitle formats and can recommend the best format for your needs


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